An irreverent look at the civic shenanigans in the ancient rotten borough of Ludlow Shropshire.


LUDLOW SHROPSHIRE: one of the most ancient rotten boroughs in England


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  1. Dr. Sandy Robertson

    You express understandable wariness about LCF—Ludlow Campaign for Fairness— and the recent talk by Patrick Pietroni. To explain:-
    We are a group of Ludlow citizens, concerned about the state of the country and the apparent impotence or unwillingness of politicians to address crying issues—gross inequality, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, food poverty, the distortion of democracy by corporate power etc. We are politically unaligned. Our aim is to stimulate debate which might lead to action. Our latest meeting was addressed by a speaker from the Scott Bader organization which espouses a business model distinct from either conventional capitalism or socialism.
    Prof. Pietroni’s talk described the progressive erosion of the old NHS with a concomitant loss of morale and compassion. It resonated with all those present who had worked in the Service. He was not proposing any specific political or business model but wanted to introduce us to a charity which would re-introduce the old compassionate values through support and mentoring. Several people from Shropshire, Defend our NHS, were present and saw no contradiction between his approach and theirs.
    I cannot comment on Prof. Pietroni’s previous business affiliations of which I confess I knew nothing. I myself am a member of Keep Our NHS Public, a national campaign with precisely that aim.
    LCF does not yet have a formal structure but I am acting as chairman and we have a small steering group. Sir Michael Day was instrumental in the initial discussions which led to the group’s formation and is still playing an active role.
    In the early spring we will welcome David Marquand, politician and author of Mammon’s Kingdom, also Richard Murphy who is a radical critic of tax policy. Do come.
    And, by the way, who are you?

  2. Ash

    Hi Mickey. A while back you asked if i would do a video of Mitchells’s Fold. After some time we have finally got around to doing just that. We have seen the video Kevin has done it for you, however we thought we would give a try too. You offered to pay, however we don’t want payment, just enjoy. We were around visitors to the site so as you will see in the video there are people present as well as a convoy of tractors. It is a very beautiful area and if you have any other such sites you would like to see please let us know. We have asked permission to film inside Ludlow castle and awaiting reply from them. We could capture some amazing footage of areas that the public have never seen. Check out my YouTube channel if you like, we are striving to become better as time goes on. I’ll add the link above for you.

    Thanks & Best Regards. Ash

    1. Jenn

      Youtube should open up the reumtreqenis to become partner. They are too stringent. There should be some type low% of of unique versus non unique video content that is much better than the current requirement of 100% unique videos

    2. Nicholas Harding

      Hello – who ever you are,

      Came across Ludlow-Eye while researching the Squilver Quarry, and found your interesting piece on Metal Mining. Have had a look at a few other articles and can see why you are hosted in America and hiding behind RespectMyPrivacy – too bad.

      Nick Harding
      Bishop’s Castle

  3. Dr John Smith

    The government is always watching. Be careful Michael, trouble is, alas, a foot…

    Respond if you agree


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